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  • Our team has over 20 years combined experience in online marketing, including a strong emphasis in social media marketing for several years.
  • We've helped our clients grow and manage social media accounts with millions of followers across a wide range of networks.
  • Our own social media accounts for Rizolt Marketing and our sister company's sites are massively popular with well over 100,000 followers and growing.

1. An Active Blog = An Active Website

Our team spends several hours each month meticulously researching your business, your niche, and the topics that your potential customers are interested in. We use that research to deliver a fresh stream of high-value, unique, hand-written content on your website that others in your industry will actually want to read. This results in natural traffic and links from your content being shared across the web.

2. More Content = More Traffic

Each new blog entry added to your site creates a new page Google can index and send searchers to. Many of your blog pages will rank extremely high in Google for “long-tail” keyword phrases you may not even be targeting right now, bringing more visitors to your site. Collectively, the traffic from all of these long-tail phrases adds up to a lot of additional traffic.

3. More Blog Pages = More Internal Links

Each new blog entry creates a new page on your site that has “internal links” to your site’s important pages (i.e. home page, category pages, brand pages, etc.). These internal links “pass” your blog’s authority and PageRank (not to mention customers) to your site’s important pages, which helps them get ranked better and faster.

4. An Interesting Blog = A Social Hub

It’s virtually impossible to get people to “like”, “follow” or post a link to a salesy commercial page. But it’s quite easy to get people to “like”, “follow” and even link to interesting blog entries about trending hot topics they’re interested in! An on-site blog is the only real way to build a social following for your business and get 100% natural backlinks. Our team is actively participating for you on the “Big 3″ social media sites to constantly grow your following, your reputation in your niche, and our ability to gain massive traction for the content that we post on your site.

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