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Expert Manual White-Hat Link Building

  • We build our links manually to ensure every earned link is from an authoritative and relevant website. We obtain a positive ranking increase for you through hard work and in-depth research. After thorough keyword analysis and review of a client's website we create an individualized plan geared towards the site's specific needs. Whether you are established or a newly launched site, we can help you reach your ranking goals.
  • We do everything we can to reach our client's goals with a white-hat philosophy to protect your website from future search engine algorithm updates. We create long lasting results through expert outreach and natural linking. It takes time to earn a top ranking, but with the right focus and tactics you can get the results you're looking for. Let us help you with your online marketing efforts and get the organic traffic your site deserves.

1. An Active Blog = An Active Website

Our team spends several hours each month meticulously researching your business, your niche, and the topics that your potential customers are interested in. We use that research to deliver a fresh stream of high-value, unique, hand-written content on your website that others in your industry will actually want to read. This results in natural traffic and links from your content being shared across the web.

2. More Content = More Traffic

Each new blog entry added to your site creates a new page Google can index and send searchers to. Many of your blog pages will rank extremely high in Google for “long-tail” keyword phrases you may not even be targeting right now, bringing more visitors to your site. Collectively, the traffic from all of these long-tail phrases adds up to a lot of additional traffic.

3. More Blog Pages = More Internal Links

Each new blog entry creates a new page on your site that has “internal links” to your site’s important pages (i.e. home page, category pages, brand pages, etc.). These internal links “pass” your blog’s authority and PageRank (not to mention customers) to your site’s important pages, which helps them get ranked better and faster.

4. An Interesting Blog = A Social Hub

It’s virtually impossible to get people to “like”, “follow” or post a link to a salesy commercial page. But it’s quite easy to get people to “like”, “follow” and even link to interesting blog entries about trending hot topics they’re interested in! An on-site blog is the only real way to build a social following for your business and get 100% natural backlinks. Our team is actively participating for you on the “Big 3″ social media sites to constantly grow your following, your reputation in your niche, and our ability to gain massive traction for the content that we post on your site.

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  • "You guys are doing an AMAZING job! Such a great job that work has been NUTS! Been so busy with interior designer large orders. Doing on-going sourcing for a cruise ship company, Hyatt, a few design firms and now a new boutique hotel. It's been crazy. And to be honest, it's amazing having you guys do your thang. I never have to manage you guys. You are doing your thing and doing it really well. Love the backlinks too. Great great job!" - K.P.
  • "Working with Rizolt Marketing & Matthew Delaney has been a real blessing for my websites. Rizolt handles all the social media/SEO work and it frees me up to do the 1,001 other things that business owners need to get done. Thanks Rizolt!" - Jim F.
  • "Wow. There are so many great things to say about the Rizolt Marketing team. They KNOW the drop ship, e-commerce world. They're super, super responsive. Anytime we have a question, they literally respond within the hour. They write great, targeted Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and blog posts that show how much they understand our niche and care about our business success. Speaking of which, their excitement about how we can grow our business and openness to answering our questions about everything e-commerce has been so helpful to us. We really feel like we have a partner, not just an SEO firm. And Matthew is probably the most honest, intelligent, enthusiastic, hard working guy you'll meet. Although our partnership with Rizolt is fairly new, we're already seeing the positive results of their work. The traffic to our site is up, and our social media presence is gaining traction. Yay, Rizolt!" - Patty B.
  • "I personally want to thank Matt at Rizolt for the incredible amount of work he put in on my site in the first 2 weeks which was WAY beyond what I expected. I have hired other SEO service companies in the past, paid much more, and received little or no benefit. My site is now gaining visitors on a daily basis and sales are starting to materialize. Rizolt has been very forthcoming about everything they do, and communicates openly when I have questions. I'm very pleased with the service to date." - Dave R.
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